Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meh to Mmmmm

This is what greeted me when I got up this morning.  Lovely.  I'm not sure why it surprised me or why it bugged me so much; after all, much of it was sitting there when I went to bed.  I've never been great at the housekeeping thing, but I have been doing better lately and this just... well, bugged me.

But hey, Christmas cookies!  Christmas cookies for breakfast!  Yay!  (Oh hush.)

Can I pass these off as semi-nutritious oatmeal
raisin or can you tell they are chocolate chip?

 Hey, at least the dishwasher is empty.  I don't have to unload it before I can clear the sink.  (Do a tiny happy dance.)

Bleah, there's no tea made.  There is Hawaiian Punch.  That's not going to cut it.  Oh hey, there are Jason's Deli leftovers.  Bonus for lunch!

So, let's see, what are we going to have for supper tonight?  We have some fresh veggies that need to be eaten, so let's see what I can do with that. 

Celery, that is seriously tick-tocking.  Plus onion.

 Yay, the spinach doesn't expire until tomorrow.

There's chicken in the freezer.

Plus Swanson's Chichen Broth, carrots, corn, and Rotel.

These little Great Value carrot cups are handy dandy.  They are wonderful for having just a quick, small serving of carrots, and also for easy diced carrots.

Chop up an humongous onion.  In really big chunks, because it's going in soup, so really, who cares.

Wash and chop up celery.  Use ratty old colander I like, instead of the pretty one that I don't like so much, even though I'm blogging this, because really, who cares.

Toss it all it the crock pot.

Add broth and stuff and stir a bit.

Turn it on high for 6 hours.

 Nooooow, time to make some tea!

Ahhh, iced tea.  Finally.

Happy fridge, full of tea.

6 hours later:

Tasting time!

Yeah, I'm making a mess here.

Time to check the soup. 

It's cooked through, but it's
not ready yet.


Add this stuff.  Stir a bit, taste some more.

Chicken Taco spice, Campbell's Tomato Soup, Campbell's Cream of
Celery, Cambell's Cream of Chicken, and Green Chilis

Decide it needs a little more, so add another Cream of Celery, minced garlic, and cumin.  (Aaaaand, to serve with it, Fritos!)  I don't want to put it back on high with the Cream of soups in it, so I cook it on low a couple of more hours. 

This soup needed Fritos, so my son ran and picked some up.  Yay Adam!

All done.

Ladle it up, add some of those Fritos, and mmmmmmm.  This is not the most artistic picture, but really, who cares?  Sooooo good.

So, the day ended much better than it began.  Hmmm, maybe I'll get some more Christmas cookies before bed... and make sure the kitchen is clean.


  1. I thought you were the one who told me to wrap the celery in aluminum foil to make it last longer in the fridge. Maybe not?

  2. Hmmm, maybe I was, that sounds a teeny bit familiar, but I had totally forgotten that tip.

    I did the dishes this evening and had a nice empty sink. Then I baked more Christmas cookies.

    I'm not waiting up for the dishwasher to finish, to load it again tonight. So I will wake up to a full sink in the morning again. I guess the fact that it annoys me is progress.