Thursday, June 30, 2011


Three little pots, painted a metallic peridot
green and highlighted in gold. (Sold)

I have painted a number of little 2 1/2 inch flower pots recently, so for our first pictures, I thought I would share them with you.  Sorry that the pics a spaced a little weird, I'm still figuring this all out.  Thanks for bearing with me! 

This little pot is painted brown, with yellow and white trim on the brim, and features a yellow and white daisy.
This little white pot has purple flowers stenciled on its brim.  (Sold)
Sweet and simple, this one is green, with a white brim.  (Sold)

This blue pot is covered with happy little white polka dots.
This little pastel trio is dotty fun.
This little pot reminds me of orange sherbet.  :)
As simple as it gets, this little lady is dressed in red.  (Sold)

A lovely little green pot, trimmed and stenciled with white.

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