Saturday, October 15, 2011

Contrary to all evidence otherwise...

...this blog has not been abandoned.  I really am still here; I haven't done such in the way of crafty stuff in the past few months though.  Basically, I have had some health problems that have not left me with the energy to do much extra.  Nothing major, no life threatening illnesses or injuries, just stuff that has made me feel like crap and put a crimp in just about everything I have going on.  Enough whining though.
To update things, I have sold several things out of my Etsy shop, including three of the flower pots shown in the last post.  The red one sold several months ago, the the white one with purple flowers and the green one with the white rim sold just a few days ago.  I have also sold a few of my vintage items.  Interestingly, the three vintage things I have sold have all been unmatched lids.  Two of them were to pieces of Pyrex and the other was a piece of of Daisy and Dot Mar-Crest.  I need to keep an eye out for stray lids when I go to the resale shops - apparently they sell!  

I have a number of other things that I need to list on Etsy too.  I need to take pictures before I can do it though.  I found instructions online for a DIY light box to help take better pictures.  I have gotten all the supplies I need to make one, but I just haven't put it all together yet.  Once I can bite the bullet and get that done, I will have a good set-up to take more pics, put up more listings, etc.

I have also talked with my mom about going over to her house and helping her go through her cabinets to see what vintage things she would like to put in my shop.  When I was first telling her about Etsy and the policy that anything over twenty years old counts as vintage, her response was, "Everything in my house is at least twenty years old!"  Lol, she does have a few things around that are newer, but she also has an enormous amount that is from the 70s and 80s - and earlier.  My parents have lived in the same house since 1965 and I am sure there are some things that have been sitting in the back of cabinets or closets for almost that long that she has no idea she even has and really has no interest in keeping.  I've sold her on the idea that she would have so much more space if she let me list these things on Etsy.  The hard part is just the going though it all...  Hopefully it will happen soon, because I am sure she has things that would add a lot of interest to my shop.

The main goal right now is to get that light box built.  And blog about it.  So, we shall see how that goes... 

Until next time...


  1. Hey, welcome to the blogosphere! (Hi anyone else reading - I'm Kathy's sister)

    I can only imagine what cool stuff you can find in the cabinets under the bar in the new room!

    (Note: Our parents' "new room" was built the year I was an infant. I am now 43.)

  2. Exactly! I really, really want to scavenge those cabinets. ;)

    And seriously? My own blog is still not recognizing me? It is recognizing me when I comment on other blogs - even putting my automatically. Here? Not so much. :P


  3. Yeah, I do need to work on that proofreading thing.