Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting to know me...

I decided that if I am going to do this blog thing, I should tell you a bit more about myself.  Hmmm…  I am a 51 year old widow.  I live on the Texas Gulf Coast, with my two adult children and our five cats.

The house I live in has been in my family since it was built in 1964.  Four generations of my family have lived here at various times.  I have actually lived in it several times over the years and it has been my home since 1993.   

I am pretty much a homebody these days due to disability issues.  I have a mobility impairment.  Most days I can get around pretty well with various accommodations I have in my home.  Getting out and about in the world is difficult though and I usually only do so when necessary.

Through most of my life, I have been a rather uncrafty person.  Almost laughably so.  Then about a year ago, I started getting kind of a crafty yearning sort of thing.  I just wanted to make stuff.  I decided to learn to crochet, but let’s just say the results were not so pretty. 

After that, I found loom knitting, which went much better and is pretty fun!  I am certainly no expert at it, but let’s just say I have made a lot of hats.  And a few scarves.  And a couple of other things.  I learned most of what I know about loom knitting from Mikey at The Crochet Crowd.  His videos are great.  You can find him here:  I kinda love Mikey.  :)

In addition to loom knitting, I've added in a bit of other craftiness.  Some of which has come out pretty well.  Others, not so much.  I've found I enjoy painting, primarily “folk painting.”  I love the style, but I also think I have a better chance with it than with something more realistic.

I have also upcycled a few things.  I enjoy that; I think it is cool to take something and refresh it to give it new life, whether it had just seen better days or just started out kinda, well, ugly.

So, that’s a bit about me.  Any questions?  Feel free to ask.


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