Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have a thing about apples.  Not eating them, decorating with them.  (I like eating them, but not nearly as much as decorating with them.)

I have had my kitchen decorated with apples forever.  Over the years the theme has become more “assorted fruit” and generally “country kitchen,” but it is still quite applecentric.

Here are some of my apple things:

Apple Clock

Apple Bread Box

Hanging Basket on the Wall Thingy

Close up of dish towel on the
Hanging Basket on the Wall Thingy

Cooktop with Apple Burner Covers 

Apple (etc.) Curtain
I'm a bit in love with pears too.  I don't
eat them at all, but I do love their look.  :D

And here are a couple of my non-apple Country Kitchenish things:
This is beside the door to our garage.  Oh wait -
if we look close there are apples on that plate too!

Laundry Room Sign
I love this sign; I received it as a gift last
Christmas.  It hangs beside the laundry room door.

So, that is a bit of the gist of how I try to cutesify my dated, seriously in need of a renovation kitchen.  It's no coat of paint, and it certainly isn't new cabinets, but it gives the place my personal touch and helps to make it feel homey to me.

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