Monday, January 9, 2012

Bleah Humbug

The present opening and tamale eating on Saturday was fun, but things fell apart from there.

Of the three little ones, two of them started throwing up first thing Sunday morning.  This did not make for a fun day for their parents.  Whozat tells her saga here

Meanwhile, as I mentioned before, we have not been feeling too well at our house.  My daughter caught it first.  She is back to feeling pretty much normal, although she still has a nasty cough. 

It hit me next on New Year's weekend.  I am much better than I was last week, although I am still feeling generally lousy, and still have a pretty serious coughy, wheezy thing going on.

My son was the last to fall.  It started hitting him late last week.  He spent a few days feeling kind of yucky and telling me that he didn't think he had it as bad as I had.  I would answer that I hoped so, but I was thinking, "Yeah... that's how it starts."

By Saturday, I had rallied enough and he was still feeling well enough, that we headed on over to my parents and enjoyed all the festivities.  By evening we were both wiped out though and headed on back home about 6:00; I think we were both sound asleep before 9:00.

Come morning, I was just so exhausted I couldn't see straight and the worst part of the crud had hit my son like a ton of bricks.  I was contemplating calling my mom to let her know he was not going to make it and I wasn't sure I would either, when she called to tell me the little ones were sick.  (With a totally different bug!)

At that point I went back to bed.

Since the big turkey dinner was pretty much already prepared at my parents, those that were there went ahead and fixed themselves a plate, whenever they had a chance.  The plan for a nice sit down dinner, with the fine china, was totally scraped.  My daughter did make it over, so she brought a ton of leftovers home, which we are still working on.

One would think that was the end of the story, but my mom told me this morning that my brother had been feeling poorly during the weekend.  He had it checked out when he got home and it turns out that he had developed an abscess on an old incision from a surgery he had a number of years ago.  He was admitted to the hospital today to have it dealt with.

Aaaaand Happy New Year!


  1. An update:

    BabyBro actually knew he had an abcess and Daddy hooked him up with antibiotics Saturday night, so he never got to feeling bad from it. Mama just talked to HisLovelyWife and he had it taken care of earlier this morning and is now in recovery and doing well. He's expected to go home tomorrow.

    DaNephew seems to have only been carsick, as he didn't throw up again and DaNiece never did. Whew.

    Peeper stopped throwing up before dinner happened, butwas droopy all day and yesterday morning. She was better yesterday afternoon and evening and seems to be fine now.

    I have high hopes for our Mexican restaurant dinner date with friends this evening.

  2. I sure hope everyone will be well soon. Feel better.♥

  3. Thanks Paulette. Some of us are starting to feel better; some of us are still pretty cruddy. :p