Monday, January 16, 2012

Finally, a visit!

My sister, Whozat and her daughter, Peeper, have been in town visiting for a little over a week.  Unfortunately, between our illnesses and theirs, we have seen very little of them.  In fact, the only time that I have had a chance to see them was on "Christmas Eve".  They were supposed to head home last Friday, but when another round of illness hit, Whozat called the airline and postponed their return until Tuesday.

I decided that I was well enough to visit for awhile today, even though I am still pretty coughy and yucky.  They have already been exposed to it, so they came on over to spend the afternoon. 

We had a great time just visiting and catching up a bit. 

And of course, Peeper was her charming little self the whole time.  We had pulled our old set of Waffle Blocks out of the store room for her to play with, but she really preferred the cats' toys.

80s Era Waffle Blocks
Ribbon Dancing

Fun with fuzzy worms!

Peeper also looooves this game.  She's a puppy giving her Mama puppy kisses.  Mama is not quite as fond of it as Peeper is.  ;D



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