Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Drugs

This crud I have had has been kicking my butt.  Unfortunately, I am limited on what I can take for it.  I have some weird reactions to some medications and I can not take any decongestants or cough suppressants.  Thankfully, I can take plain expectorants.  {{{Musinex}}}

The wheezing was bad enough the other night that they put me on a course of Prednisone.  It is helping.  At this point I will feel pretty good for a few hours, then I will crater for awhile.  The wheezing is much better though.  I have had a couple of bouts in the last day or two, but nothing like it was the other night.

I first developed asthma when I was about 35.  I had never had a problem with it before that.  Generally, it is very minor.  Most of the time, these days, I really don't have much problem with it.  I don't normally take any medication for it and usually only use the Albuterol inhaler on occasion. 

If I get an upper respiratory infection though, all bets are off; I may be on the inhaler every few hours for months.  Bleah.  I am hoping this course of Prednisone will kick it out though and let me get back to normal!  

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  1. Hope you are feeling much better soon.Prednisolone are brilliant if you have a bad chest infection, my youngest son suffered so much when he was younger but a course of steroids soon had him well again.