Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today is the Day; It's Finally Here!

I know most of you good people think that Christmas weekend was two weeks ago.  Then there was that whole New Year's thing last week.  After that most people seemed to think the whole holiday thing was over.  Not at our house!

Unbeknown to most of you, this is Christmas weekend!  Well, for our family, at least.  My sister, Whozat and her 3 year old daughter, Peeper, came in from out of state yesterday evening.  This afternoon, my brother, his wife, and their two year old twins will make it in, and the festivities will begin!

Today is "Christmas" Eve.  Which means we will open presents and eat tamales.  Tomorrow is "Christmas" Day, when we have a big turkey dinner.

I am excited to see everyone; we haven't gotten together for several months - which is forever with the little ones.

I'll try to get some good pictures and I'll tell you aaaaaall about it later.  Merry Christmas!

(Then, then, then, later  in the week - I can put away all of the Christmas stuff and my house can return to normal!)


  1. Merry Christmas :-)

    I thought you'd want to know that the twilight ladybug is a HUUUUUGE hit with Peeper. She was playing with it all evening, looking for dark places to make it shine, and it made a perfect nightlight for falling asleep.